How to Check if your Commercial Gas Engineer is Fully Compliant
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How to Check if your Commercial Gas Engineer is Fully Compliant

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How to Check if your Commercial Gas Engineer is Fully Compliant

When it comes to maintaining a safe and efficient commercial space, ensuring that your gas engineer is fully compliant with the latest regulations is of utmost importance. At GW Power, we understand the significance of having qualified and Gas Safe registered engineers to handle your commercial heating and gas requirements.

Checking Gas Engineer Compliance

Before engaging a gas services provider for the first time, you may be wondering how to perform checks on their credentials. The primary step in verifying compliance is to consult the Gas Safe Register, the official registration body for gas businesses and engineers in the UK, Isle of Man, and Guernsey. 

Being on the Gas Safe Register is a legal requirement for all gas businesses and engineers.

Here are three ways to ensure compliance:

  1. By Location: Utilise the Gas Safe Register website to search for a registered gas engineering company or engineer in your vicinity by entering your postcode.
  1. Check a Business: If you know the name or registration number of the provider, use this information to confirm their registration.
  1. Check an Engineer: Verify an individual engineer’s registration by entering their unique 7-digit licence number found on their Gas Safe ID card.

Differentiating Commercial and Domestic Engineers

Understanding the difference between commercial and domestic gas engineers is crucial to ensure you hire the right professional for your business needs. Domestic gas engineers specialise in residential settings, handling appliances with an input of up to 70kW and pipework up to 35mm. On the other hand, commercial gas engineers are equipped to work on higher kW-rated appliances in diverse settings, such as schools, retail units, and factories, with larger pipe sizes.

The Importance of Commercial Gas Engineers

Commercial gas engineers undergo advanced training to comply with stringent and frequently changing regulations for gas appliances in commercial premises. Their expertise lies in understanding larger appliances and installations, enabling them to provide impeccable service and repairs.

Compliance with gas safety regulations is vital for the safety of your business, occupants, and the surrounding environment. Regular maintenance and adherence to regulations prevent potential hazards, reduce downtime, and ensure optimal performance of gas appliances.

At GW Power, we prioritise compliance and safety. Our fully accredited and Gas Safe registered commercial heating engineers are equipped with the expertise and training to handle your business’s gas requirements. We keep ourselves updated with the latest regulations to provide quality services, ensuring your business meets all gas safety legislation. Trust GW Power for reliable, compliant, and efficient gas engineering solutions in Hull. 

We also make sure to contact our clients when certifications are about to run out, ensuring all important and legal documents are kept up to date. 

Contact us today for all your commercial heating needs.

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