Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses in Hull
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Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses in Hull

Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses in Hull, LED Lighting Upgrades

Energy Solutions for Commercial Businesses in Hull

Hull is a city thriving with business innovation, from some of the highest internet speeds in the UK to the least expensive office rent prices. Lots of businesses venture here for their projects, but in today’s market there’s a real necessity for businesses to implement energy solutions to save costs and carbon. 

With rising energy prices, commercial businesses are being forced to consider new ways to reduce energy consumption. We’re here to tell you how you can save costs, whilst becoming sustainable. Win-win!

LED Lighting 

Installing LED lightbulbs in any commercial building is a good investment because they last so much longer than regular incandescent bulbs. Did you know an LED bulb could last more than 20 years depending on usage? Whereas a regular bulb may only last a few months. The difference is an approximate 50,000 hours vs just 1000. Think of the cost-savings! The initial price will be more but as we say, they’re an investment.

Incandescent bulbs work by heating up a filament so hot that it produces light. Up to 95% of the energy produced by these kind of bulbs is wasted as heat, which is why so many are keen to get away from this kind of lighting. 

LED bulbs work by an electric current being passed through a microchip, which produces light (put simply.) It wastes way less energy by producing a low amount of heat. The light is also directional, so energy is not wasted producing 360-degree light when not necessary. 

The less heat being emitted also means you’ll cut costs in summer and save energy by not having to ramp up the air conditioner as much to get a nice office temperature. Speaking of building temperatures…

Air Source Heat Pumps

A renewable energy source that is also a good investment for commercial buildings are air source heat pumps. These use the same refrigeration technique that’s in your home fridge. 

There’s both an outside unit and an inside unit. The outdoor unit has a fan that takes in air from the outside and passes it over refrigerant fluid. The liquid is turned into gas and compressed which heats it up, then it’s sent into the indoor unit – where’s it’s released and the building warms up. In hotter months, the process can be reversed to cool the building down. 

This method of temperature control is great for commercial businesses looking to save money on energy bills. Hull in particular is a city with cold winters and hold summers, always unpredictable! It’s helpful to have control over room temp at lower energy consumption. 

Solar Panels

Solar power allows people to generate electricity whilst reducing energy bills and carbon emissions. Use the sun to power all of your electricity. Whilst the initial buy can be pricey, solar panels can last up to 25 years so they’re definitely worth the investment. The more energy your business requires, the more you’d be benefitting from installing solar panels. Energy prices are rising annually – with solar you don’t have to worry. You’ve freed yourself from the shackles of purchasing from a supplier.

Obviously, the panels are powered by the sun– but what about when the sun isn’t out? If your industry is fuelled by night owls there’s no need to worry, with a solar storage battery you can store unused electricity for another time. Collect during the day, use during the night! 

Not having to rely on fossil fuels will greatly reduce the amount of carbon your business is emitting into the atmosphere. This will make it easier to create a plan to fully offset emissions and become net zero! 

“70% of people said buying from sustainable sellers was important to them.”

More and more Hull businesses are benefitting from sustainable solutions, making consumers happy in the process. 

Ready to invest? 

If you’re a commercial business in Hull (or surrounding areas) interested in energy solutions then get in touch. We’ve got fully accredited Mechanical and Electrical engineers rearing to go, and we provide all of the above services – from design through to installation and maintenance. When’s a better time than now?

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