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Humber Calibration

At Humber Calibration, in collaboration with our esteemed client Hobson and Porter, and with the support of East Riding Council, we had the opportunity to install a flat roof system, which turned out to be one of the easiest systems we have ever installed. This smooth installation process allowed us to efficiently set up the solar energy system for the building.

For this particular project, we installed 26 Longi HiMo5 400W panels, known for their high efficiency and reliability. To support the panels on the flat roof, we used a mounting system provided by ESDEC. This mounting system proved to be straightforward and user-friendly, simplifying the installation process.

In terms of cable management and protection, we employed a containment system consisting of a 200mm cable tray and 25mm Copex conduit running along the length of the building. This setup ensured maximum protection for the PV cables, safeguarding them from potential damage or wear over time. Additionally, the aesthetic aspect was taken into consideration, as the containment system was designed to look clean and tidy.

By utilising the Longi HiMo5 panels, the ESDEC mounting system, and implementing an effective cable containment solution, we achieved a successful installation at Humber Calibration. The combination of reliable equipment and careful planning ensured a high-quality system that not only generated clean energy but also maintained a visually appealing appearance.

Inside Humber Calibration, we mounted a 15KW inverter along with all the necessary components for the solar energy system. This included a surge protection device (SPD) and a dedicated distribution board.

The 15KW inverter played a crucial role in converting the DC electricity generated by the solar panels into AC electricity suitable for use within the building. It ensured efficient power conversion and optimal utilisation of the solar energy system’s output.

The inclusion of a surge protection device (SPD) provided additional protection for the system against voltage spikes and electrical surges. This component helped safeguard the equipment from potential damage caused by unpredictable power fluctuations or lightning strikes.

To ensure effective distribution of power throughout the building, we installed a dedicated distribution board. This board allowed for proper allocation and management of electricity from the solar energy system. It provided a centralised point for connecting various electrical circuits, ensuring safe and efficient distribution of power to the building’s electrical loads.

By mounting the 15KW inverter, surge protection device, and dedicated distribution board, we created a well-organized and functional setup for the solar energy system inside Humber Calibration. Our focus on safety, efficient power distribution, and adherence to industry standards helped us deliver a reliable and optimised system.

We strive to provide our clients with not only reliable and high-performance systems but also with installations that meet safety requirements and are designed for long-term functionality.

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