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Hornsea Leisure

At Hornsea Leisure, our team took on an incredibly exciting job due to the visually striking nature of the project. Our main objective was to install 88 Viridian PV16-335 solar panels, incorporating the innovative Viridian Clearline Fusion inbuilt roof system. The primary goal of this system was to seamlessly blend with the finished tiles of the roof, creating a harmonious integration. We successfully accomplished this goal, achieving a visually seamless result.

To optimise the available space, we opted for a triangular installation pattern. This decision not only made efficient use of the area but also presented us with a challenge that put our flashing skills to the test. Each of the Viridian panels featured a rubber gasket running all the way around its edge. This gasket was crucial for fitting the flashing kits securely, ensuring that the roof maintained its waterproofing integrity.

The process demanded precision and expertise to ensure the flashing and gasket installation were flawless. We understood the importance of preserving the roof’s waterproofing capabilities, as any compromise in this aspect could lead to potential issues in the future.

Our team’s dedication and skill allowed us to overcome these challenges, ensuring that the solar panel installation at Hornsea Leisure, with the support of Hobson and Porter and East Riding Council, not only met but exceeded expectations. Beyond the aesthetic enhancements, the project embodies a commitment to sustainable energy practices, contributing to a greener future.


After completing the installation of the 88 Viridian PV16-335 solar panels with the Viridian Clearline Fusion inbuilt roof system, our next step was connecting them to a 36kW Solis string inverter. However, we encountered a significant challenge due to the considerable distance between the mains supply and the PV panels. The inherent voltage drop over long distances posed a potential issue.


To address this challenge, we made the decision to install the inverter outside on the flat roof. Fortunately, Solis inverters are IP66 rated, which means they are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, making it an ideal solution for our situation. This placement helped mitigate the voltage drop and ensured optimal performance.


The installation was a huge success. The clean, neat, and tidy execution of the project reflects our commitment to high-quality workmanship. We take pride in delivering installations that not only meet technical requirements but also prioritise aesthetic appeal and functionality.

The combination of the Viridian solar panels, the Viridian Clearline Fusion system, and the Solis string inverter has resulted in a robust and efficient solar energy system for Hornsea Leisure.

Overall, we’re pleased with the outcome of the installation. Overcoming challenges such as the long distance between the mains supply and the PV panels demonstrates our team’s problem-solving skills and commitment to finding effective solutions.

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