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No Hot Water? GW Power’s guidance to save you Money

By January 23, 2019Uncategorized

GW Power frequently get calls from people and businesses that have lost their Hot Water. Sometimes the problem is nothing serious and something that could have easily and quickly been resolved by the end user without the need to pay for our Engineers to attend.

We have provided a quick guide below to use before you call us in case it is a minor problem that can easily and quickly be resolved.

Quick End User Guide:

Is the Thermostat set correctly? – This could be set too low or the batteries may need changing in your Thermostat.

Electrical Problem? – The power could be off. Check your Gas and Electrical Appliances have power to them. Check your Electrical Distribution Board and see if there are any Circuit Breakers that have tripped.

Timeclock Set Correctly? – If the timeclock isn’t set correctly then the boiler may be off when you expect it to be on. Power cuts can stop timeclocks and then the time falls behind or even accidentally touching one can throw it out.


Low Water Pressure? – All boilers have an optimal water pressure which is usually between 1 and 1.5 bar. Modern Boilers usually have a pressure gauge built into them to read this. It is possible to increase the pressure by adjusting the filling loop but only do this if you know what you are doing. Increase the pressure to between 1 to 1.5 bar. Low pressure could also be the utility providers incoming pressure on the outside of your premises.

Boiler Pilot Light On? – Is the pilot light on the boiler still on? Your boiler should come with instructions so there will be a trouble shooter telling you how to re-light it. If it does not re-light you definitely need to call an expert.

Boiler Need Resetting? – Again, your boiler manual will give instructions on how to reset it. Often, just switching the Boiler off and on again will kick start it back into normal operation.

Frozen Pipes? – A common fault in cold weather is that the condensate pipe can freeze which in turn causes the boiler to shut down. Try thawing the frozen pipe using warm water, hot water bottle or a hair dryer but not too much heat at once or you may damage it.

All of the above recommendations aside, the best thing to do would be to Contact Us Here to attend to your problem.

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