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Lesser Known Water Approvals & Qualifications

By August 23, 2018Uncategorized

GW Power would like to highlight to existing and potential customers some of the lesser known qualifications we hold and approvals we have with governing bodies. Even some existing customers aren’t aware that we have these Water Industry capabilities. These lesser known services are detailed below:

We carry out Water Sampling & Testing
We carry out water sampling and testing and use a UKAS accredited specialist laboratory on any type of system whether Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.

We test Water Quality by taking samples and provide results for Legionella, Ecoli, Cryptospridium, TVC, Coliforms, Pseudomonas and others.

Water Quality Testing & Monitoring
Sampling Service
Tank Cleaning
Chlorination & Disinfection


We are Members of WIAPS and WRAS
WIAPS which is the Water industry Plumbing Scheme. WIAPS is the largest UK Approved Contractors’ Scheme and is administered by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) on behalf of 15 of the UK Water Utility Companies. It provides water industry backed accreditation to qualified plumbers.

Some of the benefits received by GW Power’s clients are:
– GW Powers customers get reassurance that GW Power employs qualified plumbers who understand the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws.
– GW Power gets the backing of water companies who refer customers to WIAPS and Water Safe to find competent contractors.
– As Approved Contractors, GW Power are allowed to start certain works without issuing prior notification to the local water company.
– Every installation must comply with the Water Fittings Regulations and a certificate is issued stating that the work complies with the Regulations. GW Power are by membership rules, periodically audited by the local water company, thus ensuring high standards are maintained.

More information about WIAPS and WRAS can be found at:


We are Members of the WaterSafe Installers’ Scheme
Watersafe is a free online search facility funded by the water industry to help customers find competent and qualified Plumbers in the UK. The scheme is a national accreditation body which checks and approves businesses and their Plumbers to give customers reassurance about the tradesmen undertaking work for them.

Mike Sylvester, Mechanical Contract Manager at GW Power said: “Watersafe is government supported. NHS Hospitals guidance is to only use Watersafe approved contractors due to the potential risks to public health”. “Our Plumbers that are approved through WaterSafe have undergone specific training in the Regulations which ensures that they meet the legal requirements for installing pipes and associated fittings”.

Watersafe brings together thousands of qualified contractors employed by plumbing businesses from the seven existing approved contractors’ schemes across the UK. Using an approved contractor like GW Power helps prevent the risk of drinking water being contaminated by poor plumbing practices or sub-standard products. The scheme is supported by the government watchdogs for drinking water.

More can be found about Watersafe at their website

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