GW Powers 10 Rules For Success

By August 23, 2018 Uncategorized

GW Power have invested in staff with all the usual training courses such as the New Electrical Regulations and Health & Safety Qualifications but we are also investing in the Qualitative side of things too such as Staff Motivation, Customer Focus and Being Professional. All of these have a major impact on how we perform on a daily basis and the experience both our customers and colleagues go home with.

So here they are:-


1) If we don’t take care of the customer someone else will!
2) Having a professional appearance is key.
3) Focus on being productive not busy.
4) Think positive and be positive.
5) Quality is everyone’s duty.
6) Choose possibilities not problems.
7) Never reduce a target, always increase actions.
8) Remember talent means nothing if you’re not reliable.
9) Always have a growth mindset.
10) Measure twice, cut once!

It was a challenge initially to get the staff to buy into this ethos so we created these Ten Rules For Success and it has had a huge positive impact.

It has become Best Practice for all our staff right from the top down and in every position. The rules complement our Company Mission which is:

“To deliver first class Mechanical and Electrical solutions and be the most respected for our professional appearance, high quality workmanship and our ability to get things done!”

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