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Amy Mumby and Rob Dixon attended this years Foundations Live event at Bishop Burton College in support of long term customer, Hobson & Porter. The event brought together 70 exhibitors to highlight the wide range of opportunities in the Construction sector.

GW’s Business Support Manager, Amy Mumby said “It was great being involved in the event. We showed people some of the products used in our industry and answered their questions”.


The event held at Bishop Burton College, raises awareness about construction and showcases the opportunities offered in the industry.

The event was attended by hundreds of people, including students from 16 schools and colleges from East Yorkshire. This year was the Fourth Foundations Live event and it has been built on year on year.

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW said “We have Dave Blades at Hobson & Porter to thank for being invited and also for creating the event. It has allowed us to speak to people about what being a Plumber and Electrician is all about. It is great for me personally to be able to pass on some of the experience I have learned over the years to people who are potentially the future of our industry”

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The event also gave the opportunity for all the exhibitors to network with each other and highlighted all the separate careers available within Construction and every aspect of the industry was present from Architects, Scaffolders, Electricians, Bricklayers and Designers.

Returning special guest this year was DIY SOS’s Mark Millar who addressed the visitors and exhibitors.

Further Information:-

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