GW Power provide the complete M&E solution and an integral part of the electrical installation is the mains supply and distribution equipment. Mains Distribution work involves the installation and replacement of single-phase and three-phase distribution boards which are the centre of the electrical installation that distribute electricity throughout a building.

Every electrical circuit must have adequate circuit protection such as Circuit Breakers(MCB’s), Residual Current Devices (RCD’s) etc for safety that break the circuit in the event of a fault. These are housed in Power Distribution panels and boards.

GW Power install Mains Distribution Equipment in a range of different types of building and environments from schools to large industrial sites. Our Skilled engineers are experienced in all different manufacturers equipment and have carried out numerous upgrades of main panel switchgear as well as new installations.

Upgrades and new installations sometimes involve changing of the incoming supply cable and also outgoing sub-main circuit cables, often SWA (Steel Wired Armoured) cables.

We offer a full bespoke installation solution to suit your requirements:

– Distribution Boards & Consumer Units
– Industrial Switchgear & Panelboards
– NICEIC Condition Reports & Compliance Surveys
– Switchgear including MCCB’s, RCBO’s MCB’s RCD’s
– UPS & IPS Systems
– LV/HV Cabling
– Earthing & Bonding Systems
– Capacity Upgrades
– Power Factor Correction

Whether the installation is part of a large distribution network or a small installation, the power distribution equipment is very important and our engineers are experienced in making sure that the installations comply with current British Standards. All of our work is carried out and certified under the NICEIC Certification Scheme.