GW Power install these alarm systems as part of our bespoke M&E solutions package. We use products from reputable manufacturers and all our engineers are trained in the installation and wiring of them.

Disabled WC Alarms
GW Power design, supply, install and commission Disabled WC Alarms all of which are compliant with the British Standard BS8300. The alarm systems installation must be positioned in accordance with the standard for instance the alarm pull cord needs to be sited within easy reach and operable from two levels. Systems include multi and single zone, stylish double gang call controller, ceiling pull, overdoor light c/w sounder and reset point c/w sounder. The systems allow distressed people to raise an alarm in the event of an emergency thus alerting staff to ensure help is on the way.

Refuge Alarms
Current Building Regulations require all new non-domestic buildings with more than a single storey to provide ‘refuge’ areas. A refuge area is a safe place where people who may have difficulty using fire escapes can call for assistance and wait until help arrives. In the event of a fire or emergency, disabled people are evacuated to the refuge area where a communication device is available to speak to building management or the fire brigade. GW Power are experienced in the design, installation and commissioning of disabled refuge systems which enable two-way voice communication between a refuge area and building control.

Induction Loops for Hearing Impaired
GW Power design, supply, install and commission Induction Loop systems in a range of situations such as offices, concert halls, schools, universities and corporate receptions. Induction loops are a technology that is designed to assist people with hearing impairment by filtering background noise before feeding them directly into the hearing aid. All our systems are tested and commissioned to industry standards on completion which ensures compliance and also enhances the users experience and quality of life.