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Coronavirus (Covid-19) – Official Statement from GW Power-Safe Ltd

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Open for Business
We are currently open for business and delivering essential services out on site for the clients like the NHS, it’s key supply chain and other essential projects. This is a very difficult time for all businesses and we are monitoring the situation on a daily basis. Whilst we are concentrating on essential works, the UK Construction sector is defined by the British Government and the Secretary of State for Business as “a critical contribution” in his letter to the industry found at;

Safety is a Priority
Whilst we are attending essential works, safety is still our priority for both our staff and also the people that may be affected by our works and risking contamination. Even whilst the sites we attend may be essential, they still need to be safe and meet current government guidelines for example on social distancing and cross contamination hygiene. All our staff currently have enough PPE to carry out their works and due to the nationwide shortages, we are currently working with our supply chain for this to continue moving forward.

Office/Management Regime
All staff that were based in our office are now working remotely from home. Whilst this poses a few logistical issues, we are still fully operational for business and can still be contacted by the usual telephone landline number 01482-429354 and either your GW contacts email address or We have also stopped all face to face meetings where possible and are now using video conferencing. On essential sites, we operate within the safe government guidelines of 2mtrs minimum safe distancing.

Estimation Team & Quotations
We are fortunate enough for our estimators to be fully operational and whilst they are currently prioritising all essential works before anything else, they are still available to quote non-essential works as normal.

Supply Chain
We are working tirelessly with our supply chain to procure materials required for the key essential works that we are involved with. Currently we are experiencing difficulties in some areas but are managing to ensure business continuity and to minimise disruption. This element is constantly changing and we are monitoring.

We provide Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Gas Services and you know where you are if you need some help with essential works.

Finally, please be safe, take care and follow the governments guidelines.

(LAST UPDATED: 1st April 2020)


Behind-The-Scenes look into Ennerdale Leisure Centre’s £1.7M makeover.

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Back in July 2019, it was announced that GW Power had been awarded the contract to provide the Mechanical and Electrical element of the refurbishment project. The project is now complete and is now open to the public and as a follow up to the original story, we wanted to give people a glimpse of what is behind the scenes because a large proportion of the work was carried out to the buildings backbone infrastructure which is the bit that people can’t see such as its Ventilation and Pool Filtration systems.

GW Power are a local M&E contractor based in Hull and the contract for the Mechanical and Electrical Services, which was in excess of a million pound was carried out with the main contractor, Hobson & Porter who are a long term client and another local business.


The project went remarkably smooth given the project’s technical nature and is something which all the stakeholders are very pleased with. The extensive Mechanical and Electrical design was carried out by NPS Humber and they have designed new systems that maximises the efficiency of the building compared to its old systems. The investment by Hull City Council is key to future proofing the City’s portfolio of Leisure Services and ensures that the users of the facilities have a new and improved experience.

GW Power have installed a new intelligent Building Management and Control system as well as upgrading its Pool Filtration, Ventilation and Cold Water Systems. To carry out these works, the swimming pools had to be drained and re-filled and on the video within this page, you can see some of the time lapse captured during the process. The Café and Reception areas have been being refurbished along with the new Sauna, Fitness Gym and Dance Studio including new Lighting and Power in various areas. The centre has also benefitted from a brand new Fire Alarm system as well as Intruder, CCTV and Data Cabling.


We also captured some time lapse of the refurbished Main Plantroom and again, none of this is seen by the general public. This room is where most of the works have been carried out with massive ventilation and heat recovery units being installed as well as new ductwork. To the untrained eye, how it all managed to fit into this space, fully co-ordinated and with no clashes must seem like a miracle but the team of designers, builders and engineers from GW Power, Hobson & Porter and NPS have all worked in direct collaboration together as one team to deliver the project.

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW power said “Working together and collaborating is something that the construction industry must do more of and this project is a shining example of how the industry can thrive especially on difficult technical projects”.



GW Power Support Foundations Live

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Amy Mumby and Rob Dixon attended this years Foundations Live event at Bishop Burton College in support of long term customer, Hobson & Porter. The event brought together 70 exhibitors to highlight the wide range of opportunities in the Construction sector.

GW’s Business Support Manager, Amy Mumby said “It was great being involved in the event. We showed people some of the products used in our industry and answered their questions”.


The event held at Bishop Burton College, raises awareness about construction and showcases the opportunities offered in the industry.

The event was attended by hundreds of people, including students from 16 schools and colleges from East Yorkshire. This year was the Fourth Foundations Live event and it has been built on year on year.

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW said “We have Dave Blades at Hobson & Porter to thank for being invited and also for creating the event. It has allowed us to speak to people about what being a Plumber and Electrician is all about. It is great for me personally to be able to pass on some of the experience I have learned over the years to people who are potentially the future of our industry”

h& P

The event also gave the opportunity for all the exhibitors to network with each other and highlighted all the separate careers available within Construction and every aspect of the industry was present from Architects, Scaffolders, Electricians, Bricklayers and Designers.

Returning special guest this year was DIY SOS’s Mark Millar who addressed the visitors and exhibitors.

Further Information:-

Event Website

Hobson & Porter


Five Must-Read Inspirational Books

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Here is a very interesting Blog article by our MD about some inspirational books…

My Five Must-Read Inspirational Books

I never used to read much but when I set up GW Power-Safe I felt I needed to learn as much as I possibly could, to give my business as much chance of success as possible.

When you start out on your own, you have to learn from other people and this brought me to enjoy studying successful people. I have learnt about their habits and mindset and, if I am ever feeling down, lacking motivation or seeking inspiration, I always look for recommendations on personal development books. My ultimate aim is to be a good role model for my children and be someone they look up to and who inspires them to be successful the same way I have been inspired.

Having looked back to review my Top Five favourites, I am overwhelmed by the massive influence these writers have had on my business as well as my personal life. With each one I read, if I can take just one nugget from each book to implement, then it’s worth it.

For some people finding time to read can prove difficult, my time is while I’m giving my son, Jack, his bedtime milk, and settling him down for the night. He winds down watching Peppa Pig and I read. This is a nice time for us both to release from the trappings of the day and have a nice cuddle. If you struggle to find time, listening to audio books in the car between meetings or long distance travel can help you to make the most of this time by learning something new.

It was very difficult choosing just five books as I have read so many but here is my selection. The authors have all come from very different backgrounds and had very different experiences. However their words have touched me, made me stop, think and most importantly – take action and implement.

So, in no particular order…

The Real Deal by James Caan.

Caan’s story takes him Brick Lane to Dragons’ Den. It is a Sunday Times Best Seller and autobiography of the former investor from the hit BBC TV programme.

He initially achieved success in recruitment, founding Alexander Mann in 1985. He tells the story about a guy he hired called Mike, admired him for a while and was very pleased when he accepted his offer to join the company. On the way to an important sales meeting in James’ Porsche, Mike talked about the car and how much he loved it. The meeting went very well and on the way back Caan asked him what value of sales he expected to achieve that year. Mike said he would guess at least £300k, giving him £100k commission. In what might seem to some as a moment of madness, Caan handed Mike the keys to the £60k Porsche and said he’d give him the log book once he’d made enough commission. This leap of faith motivated Mike so much that he received the log book 8 months later.

I love the fact that Caan gave Mike this anticipation reward. This made him believe in himself so much that by the end of the year he’d done fifty percent more commission than even he predicted.

This is one of my favourite parts of the book and although this is an extreme example, I implemented this with my own employees, giving a bonus before they’d completed the job and they didn’t let me down.

Bog Standard Business by Charlie Mullins.

Charlie Mullins OBE is best-known for the employment tribunal with Pimlico Plumbers which ruled in his favour. However his success story is fascinating, as a domestic service provider he is turning over in excess of £43m. As is common with many entrepreneurs, Charlie left school age 15 with no qualifications in 1979 and began work as a plumber, going on to become London’s largest independent plumbing firm.

This book has had a massive influence on me and the way my company is built and portrayed.

Although we are not domestic tradesmen, working in people’s homes, I’ve used his brilliant tips and adapted them to suit our business model. His high standards are very inspiring – no vans are allowed out on the street without being perfectly clean, engineers’ uniforms are checked each morning and his positive common sense approach to everything is so refreshing.

I admire the work he does promoting apprenticeships and his modern approach to the service industry, with regards to marketing and the image of tradesmen in general.

Leading by Alex Ferguson.

This is completely different to any of the other books I’ve read however there are many parallels between sport and business. This book is an inspirational guide to great leadership by the Scottish former Manchester United Manager, considered to be one of the greatest of all time.

Admittedly, I am not a huge football fan although I have always admired Alex Ferguson and his book has helped me to be more aware and become a better leader which is important when running a business.

The book talks about the key skills that he values to highly, such as, teamwork, focus, setting standards and negotiation.

According to Sir Alex, the two most powerful works in the English language are ‘well done’.

The 10X Rule by Grant Cordone.

The author is an American entrepreneur who has created a billion dollar real estate portfolio from scratch. I found him via social media in 2014. He has a massive following and his content feed is relentless and probably has something to do with my favourite chapter – Omnipresence: the concept of being in all places at all times!

The idea is that you want people to see you so often that they instantly identify your name, your brand and your business with the product or service you represent. As well as that of your competitors, they still think of you.

The 10X Rule is Grant Cordone’s principle that you should set goals, targets and take action ten times more/bigger than the norm to ensure success. The problem is, people often give up after underestimating the effort required to achieve goals.

Cordone says that if you 10X your goals, even if you fall short of the original target you’ve probably over achieved on what you had originally set out to do.

For me, I 10X the business growth target, aiming for twenty five percent and we absolutely smashed it. It’s amazing how what seems like an outrageous goals can actually be achieved.

Can’t hurt me by David Goggins.

I first came across David Goggins in 2018 when he appeared as a guest on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast (check this out too if you haven’t already).

Goggins is a retired United States Navy Seal and more recently an accomplished endurance athlete. In his book he shares his astonishing life story, revealing how most of us tap into only forty percent of our potential and capability. Goggins calls it the 40% rule.

He must be the toughest man alive and is a true inspiration, proving you can achieve great things if you have complete mental toughness and strength.

Don’t get me wrong, the stuff he does is very extreme but, at the same time he inspires me with quotes like: ”be uncommon amongst the uncommon”.

This book has helped me more personally than in business, but it talks about continuously improving mindset.

I suppose my conclusion is to say that if there is any part of your life, work or business that you are unhappy with and you want it to change… take inspiration from the words in one or all of these books.

I would love to hear which books have inspired you or, if you have already picked one of these up, what you thought of it.


Employees Come First

Positive Culture is a major key to success

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Here is a very interesting Blog article by our MD about Positive Culture in Business…

As contractors we need to refocus on company culture!

Some of the key elements include:

  • Connecting team and brand – we all feel proud to be part of it.
  • If employees have good rapport with a client, we make sure they go back to do future jobs to keep the connection.
  • Our team talk about their experience which makes others want to work here too.
  • We pay based on value, skills and experience, as well as positive work ethic and attitude.
  • Provide quarterly personal performance reviews.
  • Promote positive values.
  • Mentors – we also have mentors within our business, supporting each other through both professional and personal issues.
  • Spend quality time on team building; drinks after work, 5-a-side football tournaments – any reason to spend time together outside of work.
  • Excellent staff training to keep pushing the bar.
  • Camaraderie is the bond that holds people together.

A recent success story is our General Manager, Rob Dixon. He’s made a fantastic contribution to our business and thoroughly enjoys his role. Rob has just been nominated for Employee of the Year in the Hull Daily Mail Business Awards and we are all pleased for Rob as he is truly dedicated to improving our company. He is a detail person, cross checking everything and I recognised early on that it was important for him to have the freedom to do what is important.

Always looking to promote from within, another member of the team has recently come ‘off his tools’ to be promoted to Electrical Manager. This creates room for others to climb the ladder and for new people to come into the company.

I never shy away from being honest with our team. We talk about leads coming in through our sales team, report on client feedback (good and bad) and having recently received our second round of funding from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, they also know about the personal risk I have in the business from a financial point of view and what the funding is being used for to grow the business (another blog about that is coming shortly).

On another note, I actually employ and work in the same office as my mother-in-law. We have an excellent relationship and she is fully supportive of everything we do, I think this speaks volumes about the way we operate as many people shudder at the thought!

We are always on the look to attract the best people to work for us. If you or someone you know is currently employed in the M&E sector, we’d love to hear from you via email


The Humber Bridge Memory Walk 2019.
Picture: Richard Doughty Photography

Our Amy’s Fight for a Dementia Cure

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We are delighted to report that our very own Amy Mumby, our Business Support Manager has raised money and awareness of Dementia with her sister Ellie.

Amy is very proud to have completed the Memory Walk in September which was organised by the Alzheimer’s Society across the Humber Bridge. It was especially fitting as they cut the ribbon to officially start the walk.

Amy and her Sister Ellie both completed the walk in memory of their Grandad Stanley. They remember the final years of his life living with Dementia such as asking about his wife who died years earlier and him being unable to recall Amy being his granddaughter but still recognising her face.


Amy said:
“I loved my grandad to bits but it felt like we had lost him long before he actually died which was in January at the age of 86”. “He was diagnosed seven years ago and the disease just got progressively worse, turning him from a kind, funny man who was full of life to someone who was constantly frustrated and angry.”

Stanley Mumby lived in Hull all his life and delivered coal with a horse and cart and then becoming a bus driver, which he loved. He was heartbroken when he found he couldn’t drive anymore.

Amy and Ellie were involved more and more towards the end of his life and would go shopping for him and do meal plans to make sure he was eating properly. It was hard for the family to bear watching as the disease took hold.

Amy & Ellie

Amy has said that as she learned more about dementia, she realised that it was best not to correct him by explaining that his wife Beryl was dead, as it could be upsetting, so she would just say that she had popped out to the shops and he’d usually accept that.

Amy & Ellie think that Stanley would be really proud of theme for taking part in the Memory Walk, all of us here at GW Power certainly are and we have helped her raise some money too. In total they have raised over £320 so far and if you would like to also support their cause, you can visit the fund raising page at Amy & Ellie will be over the moon if you could.

Further information:-

Fund Raising Page:

Memory Walk Site:

Alzheimers Society:

Hull Daily Mail Article:


Further Development Boosted by Investment

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We are pleased to announce that our business plan and strategy moving forward has us planning to double our turnover and create 10 new jobs after securing a £100,00 loan from a Northern Powerhouse fund. GW Power Safe, is led by entrepreneur Dan Haley and provides mechanical and electrical installation services to contractors and businesses.

We have enjoyed a successful period since receiving an initial £100,000 loan in June 2018, and since then we have increased staff from 16 to 27 and grown turnover to £1.6m. This latest funding will allow the company to employ more staff and take on new work.

Dan Haley, our MD said:
“I am delighted that we have secured the additional loan and really appreciate the support that Mercia and NPIF have given us. We have an exceptionally talented team here at GW Power-Safe and this cash injection gives us the confidence to keep moving forward with our growth plans.”

Dan set up the business in 2014 after losing his job when the company he worked for closed down, he rented his old office and employed three of the staff. We provide all elements that you would expect a building to have in terms of Mechanical and Electrical Services. These capabilities also span across different environments from schools to heavy industrial sites from initial concept and design to installation and commissioning.

The funding will provide additional working capital to fulfil our contracts and further expand the team.

Paul Arthur, investment manager at Mercia, said:
“The initial funding has resulted in a very positive outcome, allowing GW Power-Safe to strengthen its core team and secure larger and more prestigious contracts. It is great to be able to support the company once again as it continues to grow and create more local jobs.”

Having recently won two major contracts for work on a new-build school in Rotherham and the refurbishment of Hull’s Ennerdale Leisure Centre, we are now on track to more than double that figure to around £4m in the current year.

Mark Wilcockson, senior manager at British Business Bank, said:
“We are pleased that the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund has continued to support high-growth businesses in the North, providing vital funding to enable job creation and expansion into new markets. This investment demonstrates how this funding can make a real and measurable difference to businesses across the Northern Powerhouse region, which helps create a more prosperous regional economy.”

The Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund project is supported financially by the European Union using funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020 and the European Investment Bank.

Further info & Credits:-

Phil Winter –

Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund (NPIF):

Mercia Asset Management:

Shaun Flannery Photography Ltd

Connor Coghill

GW Power Sponsor Boxing Star

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We are pleased to announce that GW Power are now a key sponsor of Hull Boxing Star Connor Coghill.

Connor is undefeated and has won all of his professional bouts including winning on the recent Luke Campbell undercard at the 02 Arena. Connor’s dedication and hard work is an inspiration and it is looking like he is well on the way to becoming a champion.

Connor has been training really hard for his next fight including training with “Cool Hand” Luke Campbell.

Daniel Haley Managing Director at GW Power said:

“It’s great to be involved being a local company supporting a very ambitious and promising local lad”
Connor’s next fight is at the Bonus Arena in front of his home fans in Hull and he is really up for putting on a good show which is on Saturday 26th October.

Fight Card

If you’d like to get on board and support Connor at his fight, tickets for the event can be purchased by contacting and are priced at £35 standard and £60 ringside.

Why not support Connor by following his Social Media sites:-

waverley 3

Waverley School Awarded to GW Power

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We are delighted to announce that GW power have been awarded the contract to provide the full Mechanical and Electrical Services package for the new Waverley Academy in Rotherham.

GW Power are looking forward to working together with Geo. Houlton, the main contractor for the build. The works are planned start in December and complete June 2020.
The Mechanical and Electrical works package on the new build include:-

Main Distribution Equipment & Switchgear
Lighting & Emergency Lighting incl External
Power incl Mechanical supplies and Controls
Telephones & Data
Interactive Screens
Audio Visual and Interactive Systems
Alarms & Security such as Fire, Intruder, CCTV and Panic
Access Control & Video/Door Entry
Disabled Alarms in toilets, Safety Refuge system and Induction Loops
Lightning Protection
Electric Vehicle Charging Points

Waverley School

Heating Boilers & Radiators
Under Floor Heating
Domestic Plumbing
Sanitaryware installation incl Showers & Toilet fitout
Plantroom fitout
Mains Cold Water
BMS System
Air Curtains
Ventilation & Ductwork
Breathing Building Units
It is a great community project to be involved in and GW Power are now eager to get on site and get the ball rolling.

Further Information

Main Contractor(Geo. Houlton)

Rotherham Council

Media & News,breaking-ground-for-new-era-as-work-starts-at-waverley-school-site_33032.htm