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Behind-The-Scenes look into Ennerdale Leisure Centre’s £1.7M makeover.

By February 19, 2020Uncategorized

Back in July 2019, it was announced that GW Power had been awarded the contract to provide the Mechanical and Electrical element of the refurbishment project. The project is now complete and is now open to the public and as a follow up to the original story, we wanted to give people a glimpse of what is behind the scenes because a large proportion of the work was carried out to the buildings backbone infrastructure which is the bit that people can’t see such as its Ventilation and Pool Filtration systems.

GW Power are a local M&E contractor based in Hull and the contract for the Mechanical and Electrical Services, which was in excess of a million pound was carried out with the main contractor, Hobson & Porter who are a long term client and another local business.


The project went remarkably smooth given the project’s technical nature and is something which all the stakeholders are very pleased with. The extensive Mechanical and Electrical design was carried out by NPS Humber and they have designed new systems that maximises the efficiency of the building compared to its old systems. The investment by Hull City Council is key to future proofing the City’s portfolio of Leisure Services and ensures that the users of the facilities have a new and improved experience.

GW Power have installed a new intelligent Building Management and Control system as well as upgrading its Pool Filtration, Ventilation and Cold Water Systems. To carry out these works, the swimming pools had to be drained and re-filled and on the video within this page, you can see some of the time lapse captured during the process. The Café and Reception areas have been being refurbished along with the new Sauna, Fitness Gym and Dance Studio including new Lighting and Power in various areas. The centre has also benefitted from a brand new Fire Alarm system as well as Intruder, CCTV and Data Cabling.


We also captured some time lapse of the refurbished Main Plantroom and again, none of this is seen by the general public. This room is where most of the works have been carried out with massive ventilation and heat recovery units being installed as well as new ductwork. To the untrained eye, how it all managed to fit into this space, fully co-ordinated and with no clashes must seem like a miracle but the team of designers, builders and engineers from GW Power, Hobson & Porter and NPS have all worked in direct collaboration together as one team to deliver the project.

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW power said “Working together and collaborating is something that the construction industry must do more of and this project is a shining example of how the industry can thrive especially on difficult technical projects”.


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