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Founder and MD of GW Power named in the exclusive 42 Under 42 List of Business Leaders

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We are proud to announce that our Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Haley has been named in the exclusive list of “42 Under 42” Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders for 2019.

Why 42? You might remember that the average age of the Insider Power and Rich List is 52. The event is designed to be a talent scouting exercise to lookDaniel Haleyahead and predict who will be the leading business figures in ten years’ time.

This includes attending an invitation only event which organised by Insider Business magazine and is attended by a select audience of successful entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders at what will be one of the region’s top business networking evenings of the year and one of the best events for unearthing young business talent.

Insider’s annual 42 under 42 dinner is to be held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds on Thursday 11 April 2019.

Founded in 2014 by Daniel Haley, GW Power provide a “One Stop Solution” for Mechanical and Electrical Services such as Plumbing, Lighting, Gas and Fire Alarms. The company has gone from strength to strength and now employs 20 people. The companies unique flexible and friendly approach is proving to be a success and great benefit to its clients.

Insider Business Magazine

Link to Event:


Britain’s WORST Bathrooms

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We thought that this was a funny light hearted look at the Plumbing World so decided to write about it.

Victoria Plumb have partnered with TV Star Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in a competition to find Britain’s WORST bathrooms.

Hundreds of entries were submitted and four shortlisted finalists shown below. Maybe they need the services of a quality installer like GW Power. Maybe they think its “Retro” and are perfectly happy……





Further information……

Ideal Home

Victoria Plumb


Humber View Awarded to Gw Power

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GW Power have been awarded the Contract for the Phase 2 Refurbishment Project at Humber View on behalf of Pickering & Ferens Homes.

Humber View is an outstanding building on Victoria Dock and looks out across the Humber. It was built in 1996 and comprises of 35 residential flats over four storeys and also communal facilities including a Lounge, Guest rooms and Hairdressers.

GW Power have been awarded the full contract and are also acting as the main contractor for the project to deliver the following:

– Heating Replacement.
– Hot Water System upgrade.
– Decorating Works.
– Fire Alarm Modifications.
– New Passenger Lift Installation.
– Suspended Ceiling Replacement.
– Decorative Lighting Installation.

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW Power said “We have had to work very closely with our client and the residents to ensure that the works are carried out safely with as little disruption as possible. To facilitate this we have provided a programme of works and have a dedicated site team led by our fully qualified Site Manager, Daniel Carter. Our team members are very friendly and helpful which is not only the philosophy of GW Power but is vital to this particular project”

Pickering and Ferens Homes(PFH) is based in Hull and is a Registered Social Housing Provider and charity. Founded in 1910, PFH own around 1,350 properties that are located within Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire. In line with PFH charitable objectives, they provide accommodation and services predominantly for residents aged over 60 years old with a particular social value emphasis on health and wellbeing in later life.

GW Power are delighted to be working together with such a prestigious client that has excellent values. You can find out more about Pickering and Ferens Homes at


No Hot Water? GW Power’s guidance to save you Money

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GW Power frequently get calls from people and businesses that have lost their Hot Water. Sometimes the problem is nothing serious and something that could have easily and quickly been resolved by the end user without the need to pay for our Engineers to attend.

We have provided a quick guide below to use before you call us in case it is a minor problem that can easily and quickly be resolved.

Quick End User Guide:

Is the Thermostat set correctly? – This could be set too low or the batteries may need changing in your Thermostat.

Electrical Problem? – The power could be off. Check your Gas and Electrical Appliances have power to them. Check your Electrical Distribution Board and see if there are any Circuit Breakers that have tripped.

Timeclock Set Correctly? – If the timeclock isn’t set correctly then the boiler may be off when you expect it to be on. Power cuts can stop timeclocks and then the time falls behind or even accidentally touching one can throw it out.


Low Water Pressure? – All boilers have an optimal water pressure which is usually between 1 and 1.5 bar. Modern Boilers usually have a pressure gauge built into them to read this. It is possible to increase the pressure by adjusting the filling loop but only do this if you know what you are doing. Increase the pressure to between 1 to 1.5 bar. Low pressure could also be the utility providers incoming pressure on the outside of your premises.

Boiler Pilot Light On? – Is the pilot light on the boiler still on? Your boiler should come with instructions so there will be a trouble shooter telling you how to re-light it. If it does not re-light you definitely need to call an expert.

Boiler Need Resetting? – Again, your boiler manual will give instructions on how to reset it. Often, just switching the Boiler off and on again will kick start it back into normal operation.

Frozen Pipes? – A common fault in cold weather is that the condensate pipe can freeze which in turn causes the boiler to shut down. Try thawing the frozen pipe using warm water, hot water bottle or a hair dryer but not too much heat at once or you may damage it.

All of the above recommendations aside, the best thing to do would be to Contact Us Here to attend to your problem.

Pix: Shaun Flannery/

COPYRIGHT PICTURE>>SHAUN FLANNERY>01302-570814>>07778315553>>

12th November 2018

Mercia Fund Managers - GW Power - Safe

Pictured L-R Dan Haley, CEO GW Power-Safe, Paul Arthur, Mercia, Mark Wilcockson, British Business Bank, Phil Glover, Humber LEP.

Hull Contractor to Grow with NPIF Backing

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A Hull business which provides mechanical and electrical installation services has secured a £100,000 loan from NPIF – Mercia Debt Finance to create jobs and take on bigger contracts.

GW Power-Safe works with both main contractors and business customers. It can cater for all aspects of a building’s electrical, plumbing and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) needs and at all stages of a project.

Clients include contractors and local authorities, while projects have included the recent renovations at Hull University, Scunthorpe Library and Hedon Library.

The funding from NPIF – Mercia Debt Finance, which is managed by Mercia Fund Managers and part of the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund, will enable the business to take on larger contracts and create ten jobs in the coming year.

GW Power-Safe is forecast to increase sales by up to 25 per cent in the 12 months to June 2019.

Founder and chief executive Dan Haley said: “I am delighted we have secured £100,000 funding from the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund. We are very ambitious here at GW Power and have a long-term plan to support our growth whilst maintaining a healthy profit.

“The cash injection will have a positive impact by giving us the confidence to scale the business and start competing for the larger projects by employing high quality engineers and purchasing key equipment.”

Paul Arthur, investment manager with Mercia, said: “GW Power-Safe offers clients a professional and flexible approach and the company has seen sustained growth since Dan established the business in 2014. This investment will enable it to tender for higher value contracts and create new jobs in Hull.”

Grant Peggie, director at British Business Bank added: “Dan has done incredibly well to start and grow the company to a team of 16 in only four years. GW Power-Safe has gained an excellent reputation in the Humber region, and with NPIF’s backing, it is now well placed to take on more staff and work on larger projects. We look forward to seeing GW Power-Safe’s continued growth.”

Matt Hoe of MPH Accountancy advised GW Power-Safe.


GW Powers 10 Rules For Success

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GW Power have invested in staff with all the usual training courses such as the New Electrical Regulations and Health & Safety Qualifications but we are also investing in the Qualitative side of things too such as Staff Motivation, Customer Focus and Being Professional. All of these have a major impact on how we perform on a daily basis and the experience both our customers and colleagues go home with.

So here they are:-


1) If we don’t take care of the customer someone else will!
2) Having a professional appearance is key.
3) Focus on being productive not busy.
4) Think positive and be positive.
5) Quality is everyone’s duty.
6) Choose possibilities not problems.
7) Never reduce a target, always increase actions.
8) Remember talent means nothing if you’re not reliable.
9) Always have a growth mindset.
10) Measure twice, cut once!

It was a challenge initially to get the staff to buy into this ethos so we created these Ten Rules For Success and it has had a huge positive impact.

It has become Best Practice for all our staff right from the top down and in every position. The rules complement our Company Mission which is:

“To deliver first class Mechanical and Electrical solutions and be the most respected for our professional appearance, high quality workmanship and our ability to get things done!”


Hedon MSC Awarded to GW Power

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GW Power have now started work on the Mechanical and Electrical installation at Hedon’s library which is now closed for a £600,000 restoration. The project comprises of a full refurbishment of the existing structure and re-modelling to create a combined library, CSC and adult social services day care. A small single storey extension to the rear is also being constructed for a drop-in office space.

Working together with Geo. Houlton the locally based Main Contractor, GW Power are providing a full M&E solution including:-

– BMS & Controls
– Above Ground Drainage
– Plumbing & Heating
– Hot & Cold Water Services
– Ventilation Ductwork
– Insulation
– Water Flushing & Chlorination
– Water Heaters
– Gas Services
– Plant Room Installation

– Solar PV System
– Mains & Distribution
– Power in Floor Pods and New Dado Trunking
– Lighting with energy saving intelligent controls with daylight dimming sensors and presence detection.
– Fire, Intruder & Disabled Alarms
– Data Cabling including Computer Network, Fibre Optic and WIFI access
– CCTV & Access Control System

Luke Howlett, Estimator at GW Power said “It’s good that as a locally based contractor, we are involved in a project that is so important to our own local community. We can’t wait to see the finished project and we are planning a follow up news item along with before and after images”.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s new Multi Service Centre will re-open in 2019 following the refurbishment. The library has now temporarily moved modular building located in the Church Lane Car Park, off Church Lane whilst the works are carried out. The completed Centre will have some new features such as:-

– New Extension
– Computer Suite
– Office Space
– Qmatic Queueing System
– Childrens Area
– Automated Payment Machine
– Self Service Kiosks
– Self Issue Points
– New Lift
– Activity Area
– IT Area

Don’t forget to check back to see the follow up News on the completion of the project.

Screenshot of Gallery

New Image Gallery

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The GW Website now has an image Gallery which showcases some of the varied work carried out for numerous clients in different environments. It’s well worth being Nosy so take a look.

There are actually 12 individual galleries to see listed below:-

Mains & Distribution
Data, IT, Telecoms, TV, AV
Fire, Security, CCTV, Access Control
Plumbing & Heating
Air Conditioning
Gas & Boilers
Ventilation & Ducting
Above Ground Drainage
People & Miscellaneous

Rob Dixon, General Manager at GW Power said “We will be constantly updating the galleries with new content on a regular basis so it’s worth checking back from time to time to see what we have been up to”

You can access all of the Galleries here:


Lesser Known Water Approvals & Qualifications

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GW Power would like to highlight to existing and potential customers some of the lesser known qualifications we hold and approvals we have with governing bodies. Even some existing customers aren’t aware that we have these Water Industry capabilities. These lesser known services are detailed below:

We carry out Water Sampling & Testing
We carry out water sampling and testing and use a UKAS accredited specialist laboratory on any type of system whether Domestic, Commercial or Industrial.

We test Water Quality by taking samples and provide results for Legionella, Ecoli, Cryptospridium, TVC, Coliforms, Pseudomonas and others.

Water Quality Testing & Monitoring
Sampling Service
Tank Cleaning
Chlorination & Disinfection


We are Members of WIAPS and WRAS
WIAPS which is the Water industry Plumbing Scheme. WIAPS is the largest UK Approved Contractors’ Scheme and is administered by WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) on behalf of 15 of the UK Water Utility Companies. It provides water industry backed accreditation to qualified plumbers.

Some of the benefits received by GW Power’s clients are:
– GW Powers customers get reassurance that GW Power employs qualified plumbers who understand the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws.
– GW Power gets the backing of water companies who refer customers to WIAPS and Water Safe to find competent contractors.
– As Approved Contractors, GW Power are allowed to start certain works without issuing prior notification to the local water company.
– Every installation must comply with the Water Fittings Regulations and a certificate is issued stating that the work complies with the Regulations. GW Power are by membership rules, periodically audited by the local water company, thus ensuring high standards are maintained.

More information about WIAPS and WRAS can be found at:


We are Members of the WaterSafe Installers’ Scheme
Watersafe is a free online search facility funded by the water industry to help customers find competent and qualified Plumbers in the UK. The scheme is a national accreditation body which checks and approves businesses and their Plumbers to give customers reassurance about the tradesmen undertaking work for them.

Mike Sylvester, Mechanical Contract Manager at GW Power said: “Watersafe is government supported. NHS Hospitals guidance is to only use Watersafe approved contractors due to the potential risks to public health”. “Our Plumbers that are approved through WaterSafe have undergone specific training in the Regulations which ensures that they meet the legal requirements for installing pipes and associated fittings”.

Watersafe brings together thousands of qualified contractors employed by plumbing businesses from the seven existing approved contractors’ schemes across the UK. Using an approved contractor like GW Power helps prevent the risk of drinking water being contaminated by poor plumbing practices or sub-standard products. The scheme is supported by the government watchdogs for drinking water.

More can be found about Watersafe at their website


Why Summer is the best time for Boiler Servicing and Repairs

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It might not seem like it but Summer is the best time of the year to have your boiler checked, serviced and repaired. It can also be the most convenient as it does not affect the need to keep warm whilst any work is being carried out.

Winter is the busiest time of the Heating Engineers calendar here at GW Power. They are out fixing frozen pipes, attending to breakdowns as well as the general installation work on new build projects. Waiting until your boiler breaks down will cause disruption by the fact that your heating is off at the time of the year when you need it to be on. Calling out an engineer for an emergency repair will also be more costly.

GW Power can provide Free advice and provide the following:-

Gas Servicing and Maintenance
Boiler Replacements
Boiler Service and Upgrades
Central Heating Systems
Radiator Valve Replacements
Gas Safety Inspections
Landlords Safety Checks & Certification

Investing in the latest technology can also bring long term savings in money, potentially upto £300 as well as reducing your carbon footprint by a third.


Mike Sylvester, Mechanical Contract Manager at GW Power said “By servicing or replacing a boiler during the summer, before winter sets in means that you run a much lower risk of a boiler breakdown in the cold months”

Mike also recommends the following for your heating system over the summer:-

Periodically turn your heating on in summer. Leaving it on prevents it seizing up.
Invest in having your service carried out.
Consider replacing your old boiler if it’s over 10 years old.
Have your insulation checked that it’s ready for winter.
Check the flue and condensate pipes are not obstructed.
Call an engineer if you suspect any minor issues as it could be dealt with now easily and save money.
Make sure the thermostatic valves are opened regularly and in working order.
Bleed the radiators to remove trapped air.

All of the above recommendations aside, the best thing to do would be to contact GW Power-Safe for some advice and arrange a Free no obligation survey for you.