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Why Summer is the best time for Boiler Servicing and Repairs

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It might not seem like it but Summer is the best time of the year to have your boiler checked, serviced and repaired. It can also be the most convenient as it does not affect the need to keep warm whilst any work is being carried out.

Winter is the busiest time of the Heating Engineers calendar here at GW Power. They are out fixing frozen pipes, attending to breakdowns as well as the general installation work on new build projects. Waiting until your boiler breaks down will cause disruption by the fact that your heating is off at the time of the year when you need it to be on. Calling out an engineer for an emergency repair will also be more costly.

GW Power can provide Free advice and provide the following:-

Gas Servicing and Maintenance
Boiler Replacements
Boiler Service and Upgrades
Central Heating Systems
Radiator Valve Replacements
Gas Safety Inspections
Landlords Safety Checks & Certification

Investing in the latest technology can also bring long term savings in money, potentially upto £300 as well as reducing your carbon footprint by a third.


Mike Sylvester, Mechanical Contract Manager at GW Power said “By servicing or replacing a boiler during the summer, before winter sets in means that you run a much lower risk of a boiler breakdown in the cold months”

Mike also recommends the following for your heating system over the summer:-

Periodically turn your heating on in summer. Leaving it on prevents it seizing up.
Invest in having your service carried out.
Consider replacing your old boiler if it’s over 10 years old.
Have your insulation checked that it’s ready for winter.
Check the flue and condensate pipes are not obstructed.
Call an engineer if you suspect any minor issues as it could be dealt with now easily and save money.
Make sure the thermostatic valves are opened regularly and in working order.
Bleed the radiators to remove trapped air.

All of the above recommendations aside, the best thing to do would be to contact GW Power-Safe for some advice and arrange a Free no obligation survey for you.


New 18th edition regs

New Electrical Regulations – Are you covered?

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The new Electrical Regulations are published on 2nd July 2018 and is intended to come into effect on 1st January 2019. Installations designed after 31st December 2018 will have to comply with the new edition (BS 7671:2018 Requirements for Electrical Installations).

The Regulations apply to the design, erection and verification of all electrical installations including additions and alterations to existing installations. Existing installations that have been installed in accordance with earlier editions of the Regulations may not comply with this edition in every respect. This does not necessarily mean that they are unsafe but by employing an expert to carry out a NICEIC Electrical Installation Condition report, you will know for sure.

A summary of the main parts that have additions and changes are shown below:-

Part 1 Scope, object and fundamental principles
Part 2 Definitions
Chapter 41 Protection against electric shock
Chapter 42 Protection against thermal effects
Chapter 44 Protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic disturbances
Chapter 46 Devices for isolation and switching
Chapter 52 Selection and erection of wiring systems
Chapter 53 Protection, isolation, switching, control and monitoring
Chapter 54 Earthing arrangements and protective conductors
Chapter 55 Other equipment
Part 6 Inspection and testing
Section 704 Construction and demolition site installations
Section 708 Electrical installations in caravan/camping parks and similar locations
Section 710 Medical locations
Section 715 Extra-low voltage lighting installations
Section 721 Electrical installations in caravans and motor caravans
Section 722 Electric vehicle charging installations
Section 730 Onshore units of electrical shore connections for inland navigation vessels
Section 753 Floor and ceiling heating systems

Appendix 1 British Standards to which reference is made in the Regulations.
Appendix 3 Time/current characteristics of overcurrent protective devices and RCDs
Appendix 6 Model forms for certification and reporting
Appendix 7 (informative) Harmonized cable core colours
Appendix 8 Current-carrying capacity and voltage drop
Appendix 14 Determination of prospective fault current
Appendix 17 Energy efficiency


GW Power are approved contractors and members of NICEIC and they have set up an information hub with everything you need to know about the upcoming 18th Edition. The web address is and contains all the latest news and information relating to the new standard.

Daniel Haley, Managing Director at GW Power said “With the introduction of the new regs, it is a very important time for the electrical industry and we will be investing in our staff to ensure they are fully up to date with their training”

GW Power specialise in compliance testing in Schools, Commercial premises and a wide variety of electrical installations and now would be a good time to be considering getting installations checked once the new regs come into force.

New 18th edition regs


£1M Refurbishment Completed

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GW Power have completed a prestigious project for the local community in Scunthorpe in the shape of providing the Mechanical and Electrical works at Scunthorpe Central Library which has just undergone a £1m refurbishment.

The project is part of a larger £60m investment programme for the town centre. Improvements to the building mean that many services are accessible under one roof in a central location. The project included creating a shared ground floor reception service with improved IT along with meeting and activity spaces on all floors.

The works carried out by GW Power include:-

Energy saving modern LED Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Ventilation & Ductwork
Mains & Distribution Boards Upgrades
Air Conditioning
Electric Radiant Panel Heating
Dado Containment for Computer Suites
Fire Alarms
Mains Hot and Cold Water Services
Above Ground Drainage

The transformation of the building carried out in partnership with the main contractor, Geo Houlton’s has meant that a variety of Council services have come together in one place as a community hub. Predominantly still a Library with its popular Children’s Library, it also now has a host of other services including a local studies service as well as employment and housing advice.

More information can be found on the North Lincs Council website at:-


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Daniel and Sophie-featured3

Challenge Complete

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We are proud to announce that our Site Supervisor, Daniel Carter and his Fiancé Sophie have just completed an amazing challenge and at the same time raised money for a great cause.

On the 5th of May, Dan and Sophie, as part of a team of British Military Fitness members carried two stretchers 30 Miles on the xpennine canal route from Yorkshire to Lancashire! The team of volunteers took it in turns to carry the two stretchers, fully loaded with everything essential to help complete the challenge, including Food, Water, First Aid Supplies and champagne.

What a challenge and it was completed on one of the hottest days of the year. They were in training since September 2017 and have now smashed their original target of £5000 for CANCER RESEARCH!

They have raised over £11,000.00 which is nearly 250% over their target.

More information can be found at their fundraising page at:

Well done to Dan and Sophie for completing this amazing challenge.

The BMF Team copy